The SpaceSoc Committee 2016/17

President Rosie Tilbrook Rosie Tilbrook

Rosie is a third year Physics and Astrophysics student and a member of the Marketing team at UKSEDS, SpaceSoc’s parent organisation. Although space is her main passion, she also enjoys playing piano, going to pilates, and showing people pictures of her cats. In the future, she hopes to become the first female Captain of the USS Enterprise (or maybe a research scientist at ESA. Or the next Brian Cox. Who knows).

Twitter: @Rosie_Tilbrook

Secretary Yun Hang ChoYun Hang Cho

Yun is a Mechanical Engineering Student. When not engrossed in Astronautics, things that fly and general moving objects and mechanisms, he is busy building robots in Solidworks and bashing his head against mathematics problems for fun. In his spare time, Yun also wonders if it is against the law to 3D print cheaper Lego blocks and one day own a Tesla before converting it to his own flying suborbital car…The CAA/FAA better watch out!

Treasurer Lewis Parsons Lewis Parsons

Lewis is a 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student. Whilst he is mostly found designing drones for carrying emergency medical supplies; he can often be found under the stars taking photos of the night sky. His favourite target is M45 Pleiades Cluster.

Publicity Officer Lauren Rhodes Lauren Rhodes

Lauren is a third year astrophysics student. In her spare time she enjoys pilates and feuling her caffeine addiction with copious amounts of coffee. Lauren first got involved with SpaceSoc at the National Students Space Conference, hosted by Sheffield.

Twitter: @LaurenRhodes1

Inclusions Officer Ashley CarleyTemp


Project Coordinator Iain BrechtelsbauerIain Brechtelsbauer

Iain is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student. He one day wants to emulate the greatest engineer and space person of all time Sergei Korolev (partly because he was only ever known as ‘Chief Designer’ and that’s second only to having the title Darth Brechtelsbauer). Until then he’s going to research space things by memorising every part of Star Wars and watching reruns of Apollo 13 in hope of finally understanding something.

Web Officer Dom GardnerDom Gardner

Dom is a 4th Year Astrophysicist and the SLUGSoc Head Technical Officer. He is a fan of bad sci-fi films, video games and his guitar. When not tinkering with things that aren’t broken (for both committees), Dom can be found procrastinating and/or in the pub. He is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and hopes to continue on to do a PhD.

Twitter: @Gardnerd_

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