Weekly Socials

We host pub socials every week on Thursdays at the Fox and Duck (in Broomhill)!, giving our members a chance to chill out, have a pint, and chat space with like-minded people. These regular catch-ups will be publicised on our Facebook page every week.

Upcoming Events?

SpaceSoc Charity Quiz – 1st November 2016

SpaceSoc will be hosting a space-themed quiz night on November 1st to raise money for Brain Tumour Research (a charity close to the committee’s heart).
We invite you all to come and take part- rounds will be similar to a pub quiz but with a space twist, so expect spacey music, spacey films and more!

More details on a Facebook page or click this link! :

Rocket Science Workshop (MSC) – 13th  November 2016

One of our first events for the year is going to be a workshop hosted by the people at MSC software. MSC provide a whole range of simulation and analysis packages mainly for engineering purposes…including space applications!!! (Queue the little aliens from toy story sounding amazed).
Yes that’s right, thermal analysis of rocket motors, crash safety analysis and flight control simulations is all possible. What’s cooler than rocket science!
The workshop is hopefully going to involve elements of this and give you guys plenty of hands on opportunities. If you’re not an engineer and are worried it might not be for you don’t worry MSC have provided plenty of these workshops in the past so are very experienced in building up your knowledge with walk-throughs and there’s even helpful tutorials online.
The workshop is going to be run through the great people at UKSEDS which is the parent organisation of SpaceSoc, they host a whole range of workshops and events so check them out if you’re interested in more spaceyness.
Keep posted for further details!

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