Saber Astronautics

Saber Astronautics is an elite space engineering company based in Sydney and Colorado, conducting R&D in the field of space operations. Their founders’ experience spans military, engineering, and science, having worked on heritage projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. They have operations experts including senior members of the US military space school, and three seasoned operators from US Space Command. Two founders have PhDs from the world class Australian Centre for Field Robotics and founded of the University of Sydney Space Engineering Laboratory.

P.I.G.I Software

PIGI is software which can predict satellite health and display it to an operator cleanly and efficiently. Sitting on an Earth-based satellite ground station, PIGI will actively estimate faults onboard the satellite and reduce training time for the next generation of satellite controller. Multiple satellite positions, their health, and mission status are displayed in the same screen allowing intuitive overview of the entire constellation. Close the loop between your satellite, your groundstation, and your customers

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